Bank Registration Process


How does PhishCops® work?








How do I Register my Customers With PhishCops?










No confidential customer information is required to use PhishCops®. No identifying information such as names, e-mails, social security numbers, or any other account information is ever required to use PhishCops®.





Step 1 (NEW customer enrollment):
For NEW customers, customers who do not have an account at your financial organization, PhishCops® only registers the customer's account ID (User ID, Login ID, etc.) and the name of their computer. Of course, to create a new account, you may require additional information such as a password, a telephone number, an email addresses, a mailing address, etc., but PhishCops® only requires these two pieces of information.














Alternate Step 1 (EXISTING customer enrollment):
For EXISTING customers, PhishCops® catches them the next time they sign-in to their account and simply asks them to supply the missing information
(the name of their computer).














Step 2:
Then, the customer creates a bookmark, or favorite, of the sign-up page:















 That's it!





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For a side-by-side comparison of traditional hardware tokens against PhishCops®, click here. 





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