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PhishCops® Pricing Model




PhishCops® Pricing Model


PhishCops® pricing is built around a one-time implementation fee and an annual licensing model, calculated using the number of users at the organization as the base variable. Users are not re-counted until the license is renewed. This creates an unlimited usage scenario, permitting you to attract new users throughout the remainder of your license and convert existing users to online users without impacting your licensing fees until the license is renewed. There are no per-authentication, per-device, annual maintenance, or any other costs associated with PhishCops®. Token by Phone™ is an optional add-on product and is priced separately.


PhishCops® Implementation Fee

The PhishCops® Implementation fee is paid once and is not renewed.  The amount of the implementation fee depends on several factors, including the language that your website uses (i.e. ASP, .NET, PHP, JSP, etc.)


PhishCops® Per-User-Fees

Our per-user-fees are calculated using a Fee derived from a volume-matrix (the Fee rate is less for large volumes of users).  The Fee rate is used in a simple calculation to arrive at the total per-user-fees to be pre-paid for the license period:

Number of Online Users x Fee rate (from volume pricing matrix) x License Year(s)*


 * PhishCops® permits its customers to pre-pay for future licensing based on current year rates. Ask for details when requesting a quote. 



The above information is our typical pricing model and may not accurately reflect the pricing model we determine best suits your specific business needs. To request a detailed quote, contact PhishCops® Administration here.






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