Implementing PhishCops®


How does PhishCops® work?






Implementing PhishCops®



Implementing PhishCops


PhishCops® = Fast and Easy Implementation
Once an organization is licensed to deploy PhishCops®, they are provided with html & server-side scripts to "copy and paste" to their own website. These scripts convert their existing single-factor authentication process into a true multi-factor authentication process.

These scripting additions, along with a small supporting database, provide the mathematic "engine" that powers the PhishCops® authentication process on the organization's website.  The product is entirely self-contained and does not interefere with any external systems or processes.

Since the delivered product is constructed of traditional html and server-side scripting, the organization's own webmasters can easily "brand" the product pages and perform any in-house customization with no additional training. Webmasters have complete control over the "look and feel" of the PhishCops® interface and can modify it as they please to conform to the website's existing graphics, color schemes, etc.

Once PhishCops® has been installed on the organization's website, the website is instantly FFIEC multi-factor compliant. As users login to the site, they are prompted to enroll their internet devices by giving their devices a 'name' and creating a simple internet bookmark (favorite link).  That's it. All of the other PhishCops® processes, such as device fingerprinting, key generation, etc., are handled internally with no user involvement. Since there are few moving parts which involve user interaction, PhishCops® enjoys the lowest support requirements of any authentication product on the market.


Its that simple!


To request more information or to request a quote, contact PhishCops® Administration here.






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