How Much is Phishing Costing Your Business?


How does PhishCops® work?






Many business owners overlook many of the costs associated with phishing and account hijacking. Phishing costs can include direct costs, such as reimbursement to customers and increased theft insurance or bond purchases, and indirect costs such as brand name confusion and eroding customer trust. This form will permit you to project some of these costs to your business, using your own information as well as statistical data fom the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the FDIC, and other sources.



How many online customers do you currently have (estimate) ?
Example: 50000 = 50,000 customers


Note: We do not record this information. It is used solely to calculate a Statistical Phishing Loss Report on this page, applying FTC, FDIC, and other statistical data to your responses.

What will be your gross revenue this year (estimate) ?
Example: 26400000 = $26,400,000 dollars


Do you reimburse your customers if they lose money as a result of account hijacking or phishing ? 


Yes No
  Is this reimbursement paid for by some type of insurance or bond? Yes No










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