Branded Licensing


How does PhishCops® work?


PhishCops® Branded Licensing

PhishCops® Branded Licensing

In addition to licensing its services directly to financial institutions, PhishCops® is also available as a branded service for financial services providers. If your business provides products or services to financial institutions or similar customers who require FFIEC compliant multi-factor authentication, contact PhishCops® Administration here to learn how we can assist you with meeting your customer's needs with your own branded product.

The PhishCops® Advantage

Real Authentication

PhishCops® doesn't resort to obscure filtering techniques, questionable "risk analysis", vulnerable public records, or replicatable images and watermarks. PhishCops® uses unbreakable mathematic authentication algorithms developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) under the authority of the U.S. Department of Commerce. PhishCops® is multi-factor authentication that is invulnerable to "man in the middle attacks". Read more here.

#1 among competitive solutions for overall affordability, ease of deployment, and support

PhishCops® uses only traditional HTML and server-scripting to facilitate the entire authentication process. Many competitors claim to be "hardware and software free", but PhishCops® is the only one that actually is truly hardware and software free. Think about it... for the competitors to really be hardware and software free, they would have to be constructed entirely from html and server-side scripting... just like PhishCops®. Our freedom from traditional hardware and software constraints means PhishCops® can be deployed in only minutes by any competent webmaster and requires only minimal support. As a result, PhishCops® was recently rated #1 among competitive solutions for overall affordability, ease of deployment, and support. Read more here.

Global Solution

PhishCops® is currently the ONLY multi-factor authentication solution which can be implemented on EVERY website in the world and used by EVERY internet user in the world. It doesn't matter what server a website may be running on, and it doesn't matter what computers or browsers their customers may be using. "If they can get to the internet, they can use PhishCops®".

Future Supportability

10 years from now, when server architecture and computer operating systems have changed, other solutions will need to be upgraded. Not PhishCops®. As long as the internet continues to run, PhishCops® will continue to work.


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